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3.38. For the sake of all of us

Hadrian couldn't calm down in any way. They all knew they shouldn't have known. And that girl Summer... He never trusted her. Summer, in his opinion, has too long tongue. Sure, he said her too much, but he even didn't regret it. But Cornvallis thought otherwise.
- If you'll offend Summer again... - the man spited out clenching his fists.
- Then what? - Hadrian came closer leaning towards Cornvallis.
- You'll see...
- I'd like to see... - Hadrian's dark eyes flashed.
- I'm not afraid of you, Hadrian... If even you killed countess Emeny... - Cornvallis narrowed his eyes.
- And if I did then what? - Hadrian came even closer to Cornvallis. - What will you do? Punish me? - he chuckled. - Don't be ridiculous, my boy!
- I will not do, but others will... They will hang you up in the square of village, - Cornvallis smiled a bit.
- Oh, so our good innocent Cornvallis wishes to see me hanged! - Hadrian grimaced. - And you know what? I heard people told that you like to run after other skirts. If Summer will know it she'll not be happy, right?
Cornvallis felt how his face got red in the anger.
- It's not your affair, murder...
- My life is neither yours...
- It's not about your life, it's about the countess' life!
- Aye! Mister Good is back! - Hadrian grinned. - Just don't make me slobber, boy!
- Shut your mouth...
- Boys... - suddenly they heard Gregory's voice. - Is everything alright? Why are you two quarreling again?
Hadrian turned his face at his father.
- I'm sorry, father.
- As you know, guys, you'll never solve your problems fighting, - Gregory smiled at Hadrian and Cornvallis.
- Yes, father...
- Yes, sir Gregory, I agree with you, - nodded Cornvallis. - But I'll never allow to anyone to offend my wife, - he said firmly.
- Your wife has too long tongue! - Hadrian raised his voice again.
- Hadrian, son... - Gregory tried to calm him down.
- Summer says a truth, that's why you are so furious! - Cornvallis exclaimed.
- Listen... - Hadrian looked at Cornvallis. - Just leave me alone and don't put your nose not into your matters, ok?
Cornvallis looked at both men and went without any word away. Hadrian stood for a while staring at Cornvallis with anger and hatred.
- I think it's time for us to talk, son, - Gregory's voice brought Hadrian back to reality.
- You'll not believe in me, father...
- Why? I'm your father, Hadrian! I am the one who trusts you, who knows you since that day when you were born! - Gregory's voice was full of emotions. - Let's talk, Hadrian! For the sake of all of us...
Hadrian looked at his father's eyes and nodded. He sat silently on the grass, the old man did the same. They sat in the silence for some time enjoying the quiet evening.
- I didn't kill countess, - Hadrian said silently.


- So? What has happened then? - asked Gregory turning to his son.
- I don't know, - Gregory shrugged.
- But you saw the countess that night, right?
- Yes... - Hadrian nodded. - That night I was waiting outside when I can slip in the castle. Countess Emeny and count sat in the dinning room and talked. I saw them both from my hiding place... Count as always made the scenes to his wife, - Hadrian smiled. - He couldn't accept the fact that the countess even didn't admit him as a man...
And countess Emeny retorted him as always with a cold voice that he doesn't have any right to find fault, because himself isn't holy. After stood the dead silence. They didn't talk or countess didn't want to talk to her husband.
After few minutes I heard her silent steps and gently knocking on the door. Emeny knew that I am here and I knew that she stands behind the door and awaits me.
The hard doors opened, she grabbed my hand pulling me inside and embraced me.
"Did you come to see me?" - she asked me brushing with her lips through my cheek.
 "Yes", - I whispered. But Emeny was too smart woman to believe in my words. She pushed me away calling me liar.
"What's wrong, my countess?"- I asked her.
"Nothing", - she shook her head. - "So why are you here?"
We stared at each other. The countess waited for my answer and I really didn't know what to say her.
The best what came to my head was to pull her in the passionate kiss, but then we heard the steps and Emeny pulled me in one of many rooms in the castle.
"So..." - she pierced me with her beautiful eyes.
"You know why I came", - I said firmly.
She smiled and laughed softly.
"I guess..."
"Then why do you ask me?"
"Just because I like to play like you, Hadrian", - she smiled.-"If I'll give you what you are looking for, how will you reward me?"
"Try to guess", - I pushed her against the wall and kissed her not letting her to speak. I didn't trust countess, but she was very hot and passionate, so I couldn't resist against her and never wanted that. After all we dressed up and went upstairs down.
Then suddenly we heard the steps. To be caught by Emeny's husband wasn't in my plans, so I had to do something to save my skin. I ran back to the same room we hid and jumped out through the balcony. That was the last time when I saw the countess. I have no idea what happened that night later.
Gregory looked at his son's eyes and smiled.
- I believe you, but told me not all, son...
Hadrian looked down at the grass.
- Yes, I told you not all, father. But it's better not know everything. For the sake of all of us.

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3.37. Between truth and lies

- The light of my eyes... -  Hadrian heard his father's voice when he was going to the yard. He stopped and turned to his father.
- Good day, father, - Hadrian smiled a bit looking at the old man. He felt that he would like to say something special.
- Hadrian, - the man smiled warmly. Gregory always smiled no matter if he talked about the good or bad things. - Is it true what I've heard people say?
- What do you mean, father?
- Yesterday one beggar knocked on the door asking for water and bread...
- And? What that beggar said you?
- He told me the weird things... The count's wife is dead and that someone of his servants saw you leaving the countess bedroom, - Gregory looked straight at Hadrian's eyes.
Hadrian felt how something trembled inside him, but he still stayed calm. The long wanderings around the dead world and incurred losses not only hardened him, but taught him control himself and stay calm even in the most difficult situations.
- Do you believe in that beggar? - he asked calm.
- Of course, no! - Gregory smiled. - But I would like to hear all from your mouth, my son.
- Father... - Hadrian said slowly trying to find the right words, but then both men heard a female voice outside.
- Ulrike... I have to go, - Gregory smiled again at Hadrian.
Hadrian silently nodded. This time he was lucky, but not for long. He knew his father and he also knew that he'll have to answer to his question.


Hadrian silently ate outside still thinking about his conversation with his father. He was the only member of his family, the only person in this world who raised him and cared of him since those days when he was born. His mother died when Hadrian was still laying in the nappies. Father told that some weird and terrible disease wiped out the whole village, after his wife death he took his little son and left the native places. As Gregory was a smart and skillful man he was always getting somewhere a work, so they didn't have to endure hunger. Until Hadrian was 6 years old Gregory worked as blacksmith, and then he joined the rich merchant's ship and traveled around the world until they were attacked by the pirates. They killed almost the entire crew, except for Gregory, his son and few more seamen. Hadrian still remembered that day... He was already 13 years old. That day his whole life changed. The memories brought Hadrian to the depths of the past. Meeting and friendship with the captain of the pirate ship made him the way he is today. That man was cruel, but he liked and cherished his father and taught him, Hadrian, everything he needed to know about the sea. Their friendship lasted many years. Only his father... He didn't like to be a pirate, but Hadrian knew that his father did all only for him and their safety. They were only two who survived the Great Punishment of Gods, all who were on the ship were thrown into the abyss. Hadrian closed his eyes remembering how father fought for his life as he was seriously injured and had lost a lot of blood. However, they survived all and all theses nightmares they had to face made them even more closer. His father was the only person in the world he really loved and cherished. Also Nenia... If only his callous heart can love. Hadrian sighed. So how to tell the truth to his father? How to tell the truth to Nenia? It ain't easy and it seemed almost nonsense... If even Hadrian was a robber, if even his heart was callous, he still had the feelings. And the conscience. If even it was very weak.
- You know the whole Hillside village talks about that night how someone tried to rob the count and killed his wife, - was heard a female voice.
Hadrian turned his face and frowned looking at the blond-haired woman. She and her husband Cornvallis took seat at the table and started eat.
- What else did you hear, Summer? - Hadrian asked carefully.
- Oh, people talk a lot, Hadrian, - a young woman smiled. - Especially in the tavern. You could ask your girlfriend as she was there, too. I think the bartender told her all.
- Really? And what did you do there, woman? - Hadrian's eyes became small and angrily flashed. - Cornvallis, you should look where your wife walks...
- I trust my wife, Hadrian, - Cornvallis smiled.
- Aye... I can see that, - Hadrian grinned. - I just want to warn you, guys... Don't put your nose into not your affairs, - he rose to his feet and quickly went from the table away.
Cornvallis and his wife Summer exchanged the glances.
- It's obvious that he got into the troubles, - Cornvallis said his wife.
- Aye... - Summer smiled. - I even don't doubt that he killed a countess.
- Summer... Quieter! He can hear us... Are you sure?
- I'm not sure, but the whole village is convinced that he did that.
- Nonsense, Summer! - Cornvallis felt irritated. - You can't condemn the man only because someone spreads the gossips!
Summer smiled even not looking at her husband.
- Time will show, my beloved, where is the truth and where is the lie.

Hadrian hated him and Cornvallis knew that. They were like day and night and if not the Great Punishment of Gods, probably their lives would never have been crossed. But Gods had another plan for them both, so it happened somehow that Hadrian's father saved his life and allowed him to live with others. Their home was home for all who stayed alive. They were weird family what was connected not by the blood, but the confrontation with death. Till this day they lived more or less peacefully if even he and Hadrian often quarreled. But now... He felt that something wrong and dark is coming into their home. Cornvallis didn't want to believe in all these gossips about Hadrian, but he knew that Gregory's son has many dark secrets. And who didn't have them? Even Cornvallis had... Yes, he had them, too. And if his wife would know... Aye, it wouldn't be good. Cornvallis smiled at himself and looked at the water. Yes, the nature was the best friend sometimes. The nature and solitude. Then you can to sort all your thoughts and calm down. 
It was a time when he lived different life and he wasn't just Cornvallis. But now... Who cares about your past? All stayed in the old world. His parents, their beautiful castle, his beloved girl, gardener's daughter and their secret dates... Now he is just Cornvallis and he has a wife named Summer. And there were others...  With their own fates and their own joys and sorrows. And their own secrets. Yes... They all stand somewhere in the middle between truth and lies. So... Time will show who is liar and who tells the truth. Cornvallis hoped for the best. For their all sake.

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3.36. In The Pools Of Sanctuary

Hadrian dragged Nenia into the old garden what once served as sanctuary. Here were a few pools. Was said that many years ago young girls were consecrated to the Moon Maidens here, so people called this place The Pools of Sanctuary. This place was not so far from the tavern, but people avoided it. Maybe because, as has been said, it was a haunted place. However, Hadrian and Nenia often came here, they're not threatened by the ghosts. This time they quarreled and yelled at each other when in other circumstances they would spend their time in each other's embrace. Nenia was so mad that she was ready to beat Hadrian up.
- Stop it! - Hadrian shouted when she pushed him hardly.
- Don't tell me what I have to do!
- You have to listen to me, Nenia, - Hadrian said quietly.
- Aye! - the girl laughed. - What did you think this time, Hadrian?
- I didn't want that, do you hear me? It has happened accidentally!
- I want to see how you'd explain it Bobby, - Nenia smiled.
- There's nothing to explain, we'll fulfill our task tomorrow night. He'll not know about it.
- Don't be stupid, Hadrian! As they've seen me they will be very careful now! And I'm sure that some rumors are already spread around the village!
- Are you afraid? - Hadrian smiled. - You don't have anything to be afraid when you are with me, Nenia.
- Who said you I'm afraid? - the girl blushed. - Ha, just look who's talking here?! - she laughed. - Shut up, Hadrian!
- I said you... We'll bring that damned ring to Bobby, - Hadrian's voice sounded serious. - I swear you.
- I ask you again. Stop. It... - Nenia looked straight at dark Hadrian's eyes. - It's not funny.
Yes, their task wasn't easy. To take the ring with a big emerald what has a mysterious power... This ring belonged to the one of the richest people in the Hillside village. People talked that count Giroldus was originally from the tribe of elves and this ring he inherited from them. People also talked that this ring spreads the light. The one who has this ring will be extremely rich and yet ... The ring fulfills the wishes of its master. Nenia didn't believe in that, but their boss thought different. He wanted to get this ring no matter what these efforts can cost. Nenia and Hadrian were the ones who could this ring to bring him. It's what Bobby thought. He promised to pay them well, but knowing Bobby... Nenia thought that he would kill them both better than would share the money. However, Hadrian had an another opinion. He trusted their boss, maybe because Bobby liked him very much. But if he will know what happened that night he'll punish them both and this punishment can cost their lives. When Nenia was already in the bedroom of count trying to find the mysterious ring Hadrian left the place where he had to stand and take care of their safety. Then suddenly Nenia heard the voices near the count's bedroom, they saw how she jumped out through the window... Nenia still remembered that sense of fear and panic what paralyzed her when they rushed to the forest. Luckily, it was a deep night and they were great runners, otherwise... Perhaps they would be already hanged up.
Of course, Hadrian felt guilty. He never failed before and it was much harder when Nenia didn't want to believe in him. He rubbed his temples feeling tired of arguing with Nenia and trying to prove her his truth.
- Nenia...
- What?
- As I said... We will do that. - Hadrian took Nenia by the elbow and looked at her eyes. - Trust me, please.
Their glances crossed.
- You know that I'll do all for us, right?
- Liar... - Nenia smiled. - Smooth-tongued...
- Only for you, Nenia... - Hadrian stared at Nenia's eyes like hypnotized. He even didn't want to listen what the girl says him.
- I said you shut up...
- I can't.
- Why?
- You have to trust me, then I'll shut up.
- Ok... I know the way how to mute you, - Nenia smiled and pulled Hadrian in the kiss.


It was already the early morning when Hadrian came back home. As always their time passed too quickly. He and Nenia often quarreled, but he knew that he couldn't spend even the one day without her. She was much younger than Hadrian, but he didn't care. Hadrian adored Nenia for her courage and her mind. And their passion... It burned him even now when he slept in the bath. He still felt Nenia's gentle skin oh his, her lips and every curve of her body...
He will do all for her. Although Hadrian had more lovers, but anyone of them couldn't change Nenia. She was special. So tonight they will be back there and will take that ring. It has already been decided.

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3.35. In The Moonshine Mug Tavern

She stood in some weird place she knew well, but couldn't recognize... It was that sense like she has been here many years ago. Her father should know this place. He was a master slave, so he traveled a lot and knew many people and many places. However, her father was dead... Nenia shook her head and tried to focus. Here was chilly. It looks like she is in the dungeon.
And what she sees? Iordia and some person sit together at the table. They both are concentrated on the chess game. That person says Iordia:
- So, princess Iordia... If you'll win I'll be free forever, but if not, then you'll go with me.
- If I win? - Iordia chuckles. - Should I win, good man?
- Oh, no... Iordia! - Nenia shouts, but they don't hear her.
- It's up to you, princess, - a man says lovingly, but Nenia frowns as she doesn't believe in his kindness as she knows that her step-sister and princess is in danger.
- Really? - Iordia smiles and makes the move.
- Iordia, please... - Nenia whispers watching her step-sister and the man. - Hear me, please! I am here! Look at me! Your Neni stands here!
- Ok, princess Iordia... - a man looks at the chess table. - Now is my turn, - Nenia sees how he makes a move.
Iordia stares smiling at the stranger.
- Your turn, Iordia... The last and fateful turn, - a man's voice sounds mysterious and treacherously.
Iordia chuckles and makes a move again.
- I think I've already lost a luck in this game.
- Iordia! - Nenia shouts outraged, although she knows that her step-sister doesn't hear her.
Then a short silence stands. A man smiles triumphantly looking at Iordia.
- You are right, princess... - finally he says. - Checkmate! - he makes the last move. - And you'll go with me.
- No! - Nenia screamed and jumped out of the bed.


Nenia stood silently with a glass of water in her hand. She still thought about her dream. It wasn't first time when she dreams of it, but it always was scary. 
Nenia couldn't say what scares her... Maybe she had a bad feeling that if someone will know about Iordia and her lineage, people will use her. And there were many ways how they could use a poor insane Amazon princess. Nenia even didn't want to think about it. And what... If this dream was a sign that the world will know that amazon princess is alive? What she'll do then? 
Nenia shook her head not wanting to believe in that. No time for such philosophies. She had go to work and there was another thing she had to worry more that about her step-sister's secret. 


The Moonshine Mug Tavern stood on the outskirts of the Hillside village. It was a place what was better to overtake. Not only the adventure seekers and the prostitutes gathered here, but also the robbers what threatened the village's inhabitants and other unclear types. But Nenia didn't afraid of anyone there. She knew everyone here as she came to the tavern almost every night. Here she got all the information from the Tavern owner and bartenders and here all her allies gathered, too. Nenia called them "allies"... And others called them just bandits, robbers, thieves. Nenia was one of them. She felt very ashamed for that, but it was her work. Of course, she could sell her body like other many women in the village, but she was too proud to obey man's lust, she had amazon's blood at least and any amazon wouldn't accept to be used by men. Nenia found that to be a robber is more better and noble than sell herself to others for a few golden. But tonight she was worried and already had forgotten about her dream. Nenia and Hadrian failed carrying out the task. It was Hadrian's fault and every time when she remembered it, she felt mad and wanted to kick Hadrian's butt. And she knew that she'll find him in The Moonshine Mug surrounded by his whacks and bootlickers. She'll ruin his marry-making with a big pleasure tonight.
 However, when Nenia entered the tavern she didn't see Hadrian. As always The Moonshine Mug was full of people but she saw only the one blond woman sitting at the bar and bartender.
Nenia came straight to the bar and took a sit next to the blond woman.
- Hi, - she greeted the bartender. - Pour me the ale.
Bartender nodded and did what was asked.
- So... What's new? - Nenia smiled looking at the bartender and sipped the ale.
The bartender looked at Nenia and then at blond woman letting understand that she'll not talk in presence of the other people. It was a sign that she really has to tell something important. The blond woman finished her drink, smiled and left the bar.
- So... - Nenia looked questioning at bartender.
- If old Willie will know that he will kill me, - a bartender said silently.
- Why he should kill you? - Nenia asked and chuckled.
- Not funny, Nenia... - a bartender said with a serious voice. - In the morning was found dead countess Emeny... 
- That rat?! - Nenia almost gasped in the surprise. - Wow! And who killed this scarecrow?
- Shh! Someone will hear us... 
- Do you think anyone doesn't know about it, except you and that big piglet Willie? - Nenia chuckled. - Don't be so naive, my dear... 
- Willie asked us do not talk to anyone about it. If he'll know he'll throw me out of the tavern and I'll have to return again where I don't want to go back, - a bartender said silently. - So, Nenia, please...
- Ok ok... - Nenia nodded. - What has happened to that rat Emeny? Did her husband found her with one of her lovers or some lover did it?
- It was weird... Lady Emeny was found alone in her bedroom, but she all was in blood...
- In blood? So... Someone cut her throat? - Nenia moved closer to bartender.
- No, - a bartender shook her head.
- Then... What?
- People say the countess didn't have any drop of blood in her body and they say that someone... - a bartender made a short pause. - Someone drunk all her blood.
- Drunk all her blood? - Nenia frowned. - What a bullshit... Did you believe in that?
- Well... Here people talk about very weird things, Nenia... Maybe sometimes all these talks are only their imagination, but I am sure that some of them are true...
- Maybe... - Nenia shrugged. - I can't argue with you, dear. 
- It's not necessary to do that, - the bartender smiled a bit. - We don't know many things in this new world just as we didn't know them living in the old world. 
- Yes, that's true... - Nenia nodded holding her glass and smiled. - And where is Hadrian? Did you see him?
- Emm... Somewhere here... 
- I am here, Nenia! - suddenly was heard a low male voice. - Did you miss me?
Tall strong built  man walked straight towards Nenia.
- Did you miss me, sweetheart? - he laughed trying to take Nenia by her hand, but the girl quickly rose on her feet and pushed the man.
- Leave me alone!
- Hey, anyone doesn't talk in such tone with Hadrian Asher, - the man caught Nenia by her hand and pulled to himself. - Just remember how many hot nights we spent together... - He said her in silent seductive voice.
Nenia blushed and giggled, but still tried to prove him that she is very mad.
- You are a snake, Hadrian...
- And I know that you like it... 
- You betrayed me! - Nenia frowned, quickly turned around and pushed him away. 
- I did not!
- No?! Then who did that?! Me?! - Nenia raised her voice.
- Shh... - Hadrian quickly put his hand on Nenia's mouth. - Anyone doesn't have to know about it, right? - He stared at the girl's eyes. - Firstly calm down, ok? Then we'll talk. About everything.
Nenia wanted to bite on Hadrian's finger, she was so angry, but she thought maybe it would be better to talk.
- Ok... - the girl mumbled. - Let's talk if you know what to say me and how to protect your arse from my kicks.
- Believe, I know, my sweetest, - Hadrian pulled his hand from Nenia's mouth.
Nenia turned her back to Hadrian again.
- I didn't want that, Nenia.... 
- It's not an apology, Hadrian, - Nenia said angrily.
- I know... But what I could do? 
- You had to shut your mouth! Now Bobby will kill us both!
- We have a time, sweetheart...
- A time? Only few days! 
- Let me to do that for us both...
- For us both? No way! I don't trust you anymore, Hadrian!
- Ok... I understand... I messed up, but still... Give me one more chance, Nenia, - Hadrian pleaded the girl. 
Nenia stood silent.
- I can to do that.
- Please.
- Nenia, don't be so stubborn!
- Then you'll go with me and you'll still have to believe in me, no matter you want it or not! - Hadrian grabbed Nenia by the hand and dragged her outside.


Author's Note: The Moonshine Mug is downloaded from the The Sims 4 Gallery. Thanks to its creator Livele.

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3.34. Keeper of the secrets

As always she couldn't remember who are these people, why they all scream and try to run away somewhere, but she always saw the same. It was so scary... And that woman's eyes... She knew her since her young days, but she couldn't tell her name.  Iordia barely threw her bowl out of hands.
- Iordia! - suddenly she heard the voice. - I am here! All is fine, Iordia!
Looks, like the voice calmed the girl down. Her body slowly relaxed and the wide smile appeared on Iordia's face.
- Yes, Odice... Good morning, - Iordia said gently. - How did you sleep?
Odice looked at the girl and gave a sigh closing her eyes for short.
- I saw the same dream.
- And what was there? Did you saw in the dream that handsome prince again? - Iordia smirked.
Odice chuckled feeling how her cheeks started burn.
- Silly... So here you are that one who sees in the dreams a handsome prince, not me!
Iordia giggled.
- No... You see him too and I even can tell you how he looks in your dreams!
- Not this time, Iordia, - Odice shook her head smiling.
- And this time? What was that?
- I saw... I saw that the world is bigger than this small village. And it's beautiful, you know? I saw the ancient temples and lagoons, the lakes and forests... And people. There were people.
- People... - Iordia repeated silently. - I miss people, Odice... I want to see that world you dreamed of.
- We can't to do that, dear...
- Why?
- The world is dead, you know that.
- I know nothing.
- You always remember and I, too... We all remember that day when our palace and all around went down into the abyss...
- Yes... - Iordia's voice trembled. - I miss the palace and my toys. I miss my mom. Is she also dead?
- Stop it! Immediately! - was heard angry voice. - I don't want to hear more such talks, Odice!
Both girls looked at each other and fell silent.
- I asked many times you, Odice... We don't want to remember, we want to forget, - Nenia's voice sounded sad.
Iordia took a book and knelt down on the floor.
- We just talked about the dreams, right, Iordia?
- Yes... - Iordia nodded. - All is fine, Neni, I am not crying, - the girl smiled.
- One day our dreams will change, - Nenia said calmly. That's what she hoped.


Nenia was the oldest from them all. She was a sister, a mother, a teacher and it wasn't easy and simple when you are just 20 years old. However, it was their fate. They have lost all they had. Their beautiful palace they lived, their parents... All. Somehow and for some weird reason gods wanted to save them when others died. She asked many times herself why they did that, but she couldn't find the right and only question. Nenia didn't want to remember that day, anyone of them didn't want that, but they remembered all, especially Iordia. They grew up wandering around the empty world and fighting with dangers, hunger. Yes, now they have home and they aren't alone. Finally. Hillside village was small, but here lived some people what survived the great punishment of Gods and they even had a tavern. Nenia went almost every day there. For Hadrian and for her work. Neither Iordia, nor Odice didn't know about that. If they would... Nenia didn't want to think of that. She didn't dare to tell them the truth. Maybe someday... Now they need money and Nenia is the only who can take care of them all. She had to take care of Iordia's secret, too. Amazons died with this world, so their princess must be dead, too. This world doesn't need Amazons longer. Her father was a slave and her mother used him as a tool of revenge, that's how she was born. Nenia didn't want that. She believed that now world is much better without Amazons.  When she thought about it, she always remembered her foster mother Olinia... Then Nenia felt guilty, but she always tried to believe that if queen Olinia hears her thoughts she will try to understand her and will not get angry that she doesn't tell the truth to Iordia. And if Nenia would do... Would Iordia understand what she says her? Her step-sister is insane. So it's better to leave the past in the silence and live happy calm life. Just like now.

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Sunshine Blogger Reward

Big Thanks for this award to @JLBDreamer! The Blessing Moon tribe will celebrate it dancing around the bonfire. Me too.
I just started to know @JLBDreamer as a writer, so I can't tell too much yet, but I really liked what I read. You can find her stories here: https://dreamingsimscom.wordpress.com/welcome-to-my-blog/
It's a big honor to me as my second story is nominated (My Simself legacy story was nominated by @Hemera123) I'm very very very happy!

So here are my answers to the questions:

1. Is writing just a hobby or do you want to make it a career?

Yes, I'd like to make writing a career, it's my very old dream. I have to finish my book, but no time and inspiration for that. I hope it won't last forever.

2. Which writers inspire you?

Once writer Paulo Coelho inspired me to write a story about the soul twins... It was an amazing feeling. Later the music I heard inspired me to start a book I still work on. Then after few years @pammiechick inspired me to start a story about the Blessing Moon tribe. Not only writers can inspire you to write something. If you are creative person almost everything can inspire you to write or compose something. Once I heard in a dream a song what later I composed, I woke up singing its melody.

3. So what have you written?

I'm still working on my book (it's already close to the end, I have to write just few chapters). I wrote a story about an angel "My Black Angel", a story about love "Charms of the night" (I was influenced by the movie "The Crow" and decided to write my own version)... I wrote many songs for my ex band, poems.
Unfortunately, I didn't finish any the sims story yet, but one day I will. I'm still working on my 3 stories "The Blessing Moon tribe" (Amazon Challenge), My Simself legacy (my own rules) and "After Kasanovas come Blaubers" (male prettacy challenge).

4. What genre do you like writing the most? What draws you to this genre?

I could call my stories and a book "magic reality"... I'm a big fan of fantasy and mystic. But of course, I don't think that my sims stories belong to "magic reality" genre. Although I have an idea to write something similar to the stories I'm used write - something really magic, mysterious and weird. I can't wait when EA will realize Supernaturals and will give us more possibilities to write something like stories about elves, vampires, witches, werewolves, angels, nephilims and etc. I don't know what draws me to this genre, I think it's just my nature. I have a very rich imagination and I am very creative and artistic person.

5. Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

Yes, I read much, that's true. Although I don't have almost any time for books I'd like to read and it's really sad. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho. His "Alchemist" lightened my soul when I wasn't able to see any light and suffered... I like Salman Rushdie so much... His book "Midnight's children" left a very strong and deep impression to me. I adore Annie Rice and all her books about my beloved vampire Lestat. I like Scandinavian writers so much... I'll never forget Joel Hill and his book "Heart-shaped box" or John Ajvide Lindqvist "Let me in"... I read really many books and I would like to share all my impressions with you, but it will take too much time. Maybe next time?

6. For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or traditional paper/hard back books?

I can read all books, no matter if they are e-books or traditional books. I don't have how to read e-books, so I read traditional paper/hard back books.

7. What book/s are you reading at present?

Leonhard Thoma "Das Idealpaar". Yes, I read in German. It's a collection of the short stories. This writer is amazing.

8. What is your favorite movie and why?

"The Crow"... This movie touched me inside and even influenced me to write my own story... I know someone can think and feel different watching this movie. Sure, we all are different and it's ok.

9. When do you write?

I write when I feel the inspiration. Mostly. And when you can't write it's the worst what can happen to creative person.

10. Who is your favorite SimLit Author and why?

Oh, here are many SimLit writers I really like... Pammiechick, Maladi777, Marialein, Hemera123, CitizenErased14, ThePlumbob, iheardinox3, twiggy, Julyvee and etc.. If I'd mention them all it will take a lot of time again! All authors are my favorite whose stories I read and comment!

11. What advice would you give to aspiring writers of SimLit?

Don't stop writing! It's sad to watch when some people stop writing their stories and leave them unfinished... Yes, as it's SimLit many bad things can happen (I had such bad things myself), but you always can renew your stories. Writing is a great thing, it's like dance, it frees your soul. And sometimes you can feel alone if almost anyone doesn't comment your stories... I know it myself, it's bad and sometimes I feel upset for that, but... If even you're not popular SimLit writer like me here are still people what really read your stories. If even they don't leave comments. Believe in that and never stop writing. Be sure, they like your stories. Here will be always someone who will read it. And... You never know what will happen tomorrow.

As I already nominated SimLit writers on my Blog: http://rosesimstories.weebly.com/ I won't repeat myself, so my questions and nominations you'll find there. In fact, I'm nominating all SimLit writers whose stories I read, they all deserve that.

A lot of love to you all and my best nocturnal regards from a bottom of my heart!